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Salers in the Cantal in the Heart of the Auvergne

The town of Salers, a true black pearl set in surroundings of greenery, will surprise you with the beauty and homogenous style of its architecture.

The Renaissance style houses stand as witness to the skills and ingenuity of the builders of an earlier age. The village, built on a rocky outcrop overhanging the Aspre and the Maronne and with the Cantal Hills as a backdrop, is situated within the Volcans d’Auvergne Regional Park.

For visitors, the Salers district also boasts the sumptuous grandeur and authenticity of mountain regions in which undulating reliefs and lush valleys provide opportunities to enjoy either blissful tranquillity or sporting activities.
The many walking trails lead lovers of wide open spaces through herds of the distinctive Salers breed of cattle with their mahogany-coloured coats and lyre-shaped horns.

You can also, on your walks through these mountains, discover a flora of extraordinary diversity and colours and even spot chamois, mouflons and marmots.

Lovers of architecture will be delighted with the many castles and Romanesque churches to be found. After your hearty breakfast, the proprietors will be happy to advise you as to the different activities, visits or itineraries with which you can pass your time with us and discover the various facets of the Cantal.

ville de salers
  • Porte de salers
  • Place de Salers
  • Place de Salers
  • porte de la maison du commandeur maison des templiers
  • porte du drac
  • salers et puy violent
  • citée de salers
  • place tissandier d'escous
  • fontaine de la place tissandier d'escous

Pays de Salers
  • grand site du Puy Mary
  • Puy Mary
  • Puy Mary
  • Puy Mary
  • Puy Griou
  • vallée de mandaille
  • crete de neronne
  • crète de neronne
  • Roc des ombres
  • randonnée vers le Puy Mary
  • Burron de Recusset
  • Vallée de récusset Roc des ombres
  • Vache Salers
  • Vache Salers
  • Crete de Neronne
  •  Grande Gentiane
  • randonnée vers le Puy Violent
  • retour vers le puy Violent
  • Puy Violent
  • Puy de la Tourte
  • Vallée du Falgoux
  • Puy de la Tourte cirque du Falgoux
  • Vallée du Falgoux
  • paysage de neige col de neronne
  • puy violent l'hiver